Ted Ginsburger

Mr. Ted Ginsburger is a Legal Consultant at Vokshi & Lata. He is a French Lawyer and a Doctor of Law.

He started his career in France as a Counsel for local authorities and public institutions. By working for national and international law firms, national institutions and international agencies, in France and later in Indonesia and Vietnam, he acquired extensive experience in drafting contract, conducting Legal Briefs, Audit and Due Diligence Reports, especially in the field of Contract Law, Anti-Corruption Law, Environmental Law and Intellectual Property.

From 2006 to 2008, he was a Lecturer in Intellectual Property, Fiscal Law and Regulation Law, at the University of Nîmes. More recently Ted did a conference about Public Entreprises for Universitas Indonesia and was a Session Lecturer in International contract for Vietnam National University.

Mr. Ginsburger is also a published author, in particular in World Trademark Review and Vietnam Investment Review.

Ted Ginsburger

Legal Consultant

Ted Ginsburger is focused in International Contracts and Intellectual Property.