Our practice areas



Our team has an extensive experience in assisting clients in both, the banking and finance sector in Kosovo. We work with banking institutions and the largest microfinance institutions on a daily basis, providing services in Kosovo. We have also assisted several international banking institutions with legal opinions on their loan agreements with local clients.



The corporate and the commercial are significant parts of our practice. We assist our clients on a regular basis in their commercial issues from standard contracts to complex multijurisdictional transactions. We cover the full range of corporate legal issues faced by our clients in their daily business. Our team assists clients in each step of the business issue from legal due diligence to negotiating and structuring transactions as well as their implementation.



The firm has a particular focus on the energy law. Our team members are actively engaged in the energy market and follow the most recent developments in the sector. We have a wide range of experts and external advisors in the field, with whom we consult regularly.



Having in consideration the fast developing and promising environment for ICT in the country, our team members have given a special focus to this industry. The firm has advised international and local clients in different areas of the sector from revising the terms and conditions to concluding important contracts.

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The firm has successfully engaged in M&A national transactions worth millions. We have outstanding team members who have the required experience and knowledge to deal with complex issues of M&A. We advise on a full range of merger and acquisition transactions in a wide variety of industries.



We are equipped with a deep understanding of competition law. We have experience assisting clients from the transportation industry and well-known petroleum retailers in the country in their complex cases in front of the competition authority.



Our team has a strong reputation in the court for IP Law. Team is led by our partner Mr. Florin Lata who is one of the leading specialists in the country for Intellectual Property. Mr. Lata is partner of REACT (The Anti-Counterfeit Network) for Kosovo. Our clientele on IP sector includes well-known brands such as: Samsung, Apple, Adidas AG, Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Audi, Volkswagen, Citroen, Toyota, Opel, Peugeot, Novartis, Omega, Tissot, Diesel, Timberland, Philips, Polo, Play Station, etc. Our team collaborates with several law firm partners in other countries with leading specialists in their jurisdictions for Intellectual Property. Together with our partners, we have assisted our local clients who have expanded their business abroad on registering European Union Trademark (EUTM) or registering a trademark in specific jurisdictions across Europe, Asia and Africa. Our team work together with several partner law firms in other countries who are leading specialists in their jurisdictions for IP Law. Through our partner law firms we have also assisted our local clients who have expended their business abroad on registering European Union Trademark (EUTM) or registering a trademark in specific jurisdictions in Europe, Asia or Africa.



Our staff supports HR teams of various local and international clients, on a daily basis. We cover everything, from basic employment issues to complex restructuring procedures. Our wide range of clientele in Kosovo covers from small sized companies to large international corporations, with over 1000 employees. Our team members have also assisted a large international corporation in all the steps of their restructuring procedure from drafting the initial strategy all the way to representing them in court.



Our professionals have a strong reputation in the country for handling the most complex disputes in the courtroom. Senior partner Mr. Adem Vokshi who is one of the most eminent and trustworthy names in the market has more than 40 years of experience representing cases before all levels of court. Mr. Vokshi leads our very keen team members, who gain from his knowledge and experience by learning to get to the core of a case and know court practices well.



The importance of data protection is increasing day by day. Several legislation changes have occurred lately in the market in order to comply with GDRP regulation. We have an experienced team who assists clients in every data protection issue from those concerning marketing and employment activities in the country to the transferring of data collected abroad.

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From basic tax issues to complex ones, our team has all it takes to help. We have already assisted plenty of local and international clients regarding their tax issues in Kosovo. In order to provide the best expertise to the client, our team consults field experts who have extensive experience working at tax authorities on a daily basis.



We have assisted several international insurance companies in their life and non-life matters in Kosovo. Always trying to settle the dispute of court first, our team has successfully represented well known public and private leading international insurance companies in their disputes in the country. Our team also assists claim services companies around the world for their cases in Kosovo.



Corporate and commercial is the core area of our work. We assist our clients in their criminal procedures regarding their commercial issues. Having in consideration that commercial criminal cases require a more understanding of commercial practice rather than classic criminal procedures, our team has developed a strong understanding of issues and has represented several clients successfully. We have served as defense attorneys for business owners or high managers of corporations in procedures against them about tax evasion, fraud in public procurement procedures, criminal offences of labor rights, and smuggling of goods. Our team members have also served as defense attorneys in several high profile cases of public officials such as the former Minister of Health, Head of Procurement Department of Ministry of Infrastructure, celebrity cases, and more. Our professionals have also been engaged in the case of deportation of 6 turkish citizens that is considered to be the largest scandal with foreign citizens in the Republic of Kosovo. This case has resulted in the firing of the Minster of Internal Affairs and Head of Intelligence Agency of Kosovo by the Prime Minster of the time, while the Parliament has passed a report finding 31 breached of law in this case.