Vokshi & Lata is a well known law firm focused on assisting clients in today’s challenging legal environment. Vokshi & Lata Law Firm as a full-service law firm advises major local & international companies and financial institutions in Kosovo. Our team consists of experienced partners and young motivated associates. The internal organizational structure enables the firm to provide specialized and client-oriented services while maximizing the responsibility for the services provided. By offering full-service, our clients are able to get necessary legal advice on one-stop-shop. The team spirit between eminent partners and sharp-witted youngsters enables the Vokshi & Lata Law Firm to provide services based on experience, knowledge, and creativity. The organizational structure of the firm also facilitates providing clients with services in a short time, despite the workload. The firm is led by senior partner Mr. Adem Vokshi who has extensive experience in complex case litigation practice and Mr. Florin Lata who has been highly appreciated by the clients for being solution-oriented.



No Corruption/Bribery

If you would turn to corruption to solve your case, you have come to the wrong address. We encourage a no corruption judiciary and we are strictly against any kind of bribery. Due to our extensive experience with courts we know many of our colleagues including judges and prosecutors, however, the only way we can assist you is with professional legal services. Thus, you should be aware that we offer only legal services based on the highest standards of ethics and knowing a judge is not “a legal service” we provide.


We believe that the market is overloaded with law firms and individual attorneys, but professionalism will make the difference. There is a need to focus on quality rather than quantity of the services provided. Therefore, we choose to work on cases that we believe have legal merits to have a positive outcome. However, that shall not be interpreted that we guarantee you a positive result. What we guarantee is professional legal services, rather than promises about the outcome of the case.


All the information provided to us remains strictly confidential and under no circumstances will be shared with third parties. We do understand that the information provided to the lawyer is personal and sensitive, so we take care to protect the information to the maximum extent. Other than being trustworthy, we also use advanced technology to protect the soft copy of legal documents we work with.

You Need to Tell Us All

If you do not trust a lawyer, refrain from working with them. When working with us, you are required to provide us with every detail of the case including those you consider “secrets”. If you do not provide us with every information you have about the case, we do not take responsibility for the negative impact that lack of information may cause on your case.

Education and Training

At our firm, we believe that learning never ends and there are always innovations that we need to know about. We pay special attention to continuous professional advancement in order to better understand the needs of our clients and to be as practical as possible in finding legal solutions. We continuously try to follow the latest developments of legal trends, changes in legislation, and case law.

Sharing Knowledge

As Anne Frank said: No one has ever become poor by giving. We believe that this applies also to sharing knowledge with others. We have become who we are today by collecting the experience and knowledge of many law and business partners with whom we have worked with. Thus, we are willing to share our expertise, especially with the young people around us. This not only enables us to give a modest contribution to society and young generations, but also helps us to learn from others and continue to grow.