Kosovo offers substantial investment opportunities, yet it has not received the attention it deserves from foreign investors for various reasons. The “Legal Guide to Investing in Kosovo” represents our effort to dispel these misconceptions and bring Kosovo to the forefront as an attractive destination for foreign investment.

This document summarizes the key legal requirements that foreign investors need to understand and comply with in Kosovo. We have leveraged our legal knowledge and experience to create a clear and user-friendly manual for investors. We aim to update this document annually to reflect changes in Kosovo’s laws and regulations.

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On behalf of Vokshi & Lata Law Firm and the authors of the “Legal Guide to Investing in Kosovo,” we are pleased to introduce this important document. Our goal is to provide a practical guide for foreign investors looking to operate in the Republic of Kosovo.

Kosovo has a unique demographic advantage as it is the house of the youngest population in the region. This vibrant and energetic community serves as a valuable asset for prospective investors, granting access to both skilled workforce and thriving consumer market.

The Kosovar diaspora worldwide is a valuable resource for Kosovo, playing a significant role in promoting our country and supporting its development. Their assistance and investments are essential for our economic progress, and this guide aims to attract even more investors from the Kosovar diaspora.

We should also acknowledge the substantial contributions made by the United States, the European Union, and other countries in assisting Kosovo in developing its legal framework. Thanks to their ongoing support, Kosovo has modernized its legal system and created a conducive environment for foreign investments. We want to emphasize this and express our gratitude for their continued contributions.

We encourage you to read this “Legal Guide to Investing in Kosovo” carefully and share your comments, observations, and suggestions. Your feedback is highly valuable to us and will help us improve the document and provide more value to our readers.

Thank you for choosing this guide as a source of information, and thank you for supporting our mission to promote investments in Kosovo.