Date: 26-Jan-2023

New Law on Environmental Impact Assessment has entered into force

Law no. 08/L-181 on Environmental Impact Assessment published on 06.01.2023 has entered into force.

This law repeals Law no. 03/L-214 on Environmental Impact Assessment which has been in force since 2010.

The new law is partially in line with Directive 2014/52EU of the European Parliament and Council dated 16.04.2014 which amends Directive 2011/92/EU on the environmental impact assessment of certain public and private projects.

According to Law No. 08/L-181, the sole authority for the development of EIA procedures remains the Ministry. The new law also changes provisions regulating the procedural deadlines.

Within twelve (12) months from the entry into force of the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment, the Ministry shall issue the sub-legal acts deriving from this Law.